An advertising platform delivering dynamically personalized video ads.

Project Description

Sightly’s mission is to rid the world of annoying commercials. Sightly helps create personally relevant messages and deliver them to the most receptive viewers out there, going way beyond demographics to target lifestyles, behaviors and locations. The result: everybody wins. Audiences find commercials more interesting, informative—even entertaining. And they remember and engage more with our s’ brands, products and services. Sightly is changing how people see advertising. Personalized. Micro-targeted. Multi-screen.

I was engaged to help define requirements, and to then take those requirements through the design process to the point at which the Sightly development team was able to implement the fully-spec’d designs. This included creating low fidelity designs, establishing a visual language for the application, and then cascading that visual language throughout the entire Sightly user interface.

Project Details

 Interaction Design

 Visual Design

 Iconographic Design

“Personalized. Micro-targeted. Multi-screen.”

Screen Designs


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