Socrates Ai Mobile Application Design

Elegant native mobile applications for the popular medical portal.

Mobile applications from scratch

Socrates Ai is a hosted support network allowing doctors and scientists to share ideas, techniques, and technology to better theorize, study, diagnose, prevent, and treat patients. Medical and scientific outcomes are improved by providing scientists, physicians, educators, and technology providers with instant access to one another.

I was brought in by Socrates Ai to design their native Android and iOS applications, which involved establishing early product strategy and concept models, efficient and intuitive interaction patterns, and ultimately a powerfully elegant interface design.

Target Audience
  • Doctors
  • Scientists
Services Provided
  • Product strategy
  • Concept modeling
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design


Focusing on the needs and priorities of Socrates’ key personas, I created a concept model of elements in the Socrates ecosystem which helped to define necessary features and functionality.

Low Fidelity Design

I then developed wireframes which presented essential content and navigation in the most logical and intuitive ways.

High Fidelity Design

Finally an elegant, stylish visual language was established and cascaded throughout all the Socrates application’s screens.

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